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Previous Research on Rural Economics



 Peri Fletcher

Rural Mexico Research Review: Vol. 1 Transnational Communities

 Peri Fletcher

Rural Mexico Research Review: Vol. 2 Remittances and Development in Mexico

Aslihan Arslan

How Much Are Landraces Worth to Farmers? The Case of Traditional Maize Mexico (pdf)

J. Edward Taylor, Antonio Yúnez Naude and Nancy Jesurun-Clements

Does Agricultural Liberalization Reduce Rural Welfare in Less Developed Countries? The Case of CAFTA (pdf)

Fleur Wouterse and J. Edward Taylor

Migration and Income Diversification (pdf)

J. Edward Taylor and George Dyer

Migration and the Sending Economy: A Disaggregated Rural Economy Wide Analysis (pdf)

J. Edward Taylor and Jorge Mora

Does Migration Reshape Expenditures in Rural Households? Evidence from Mexico

J. Edward Taylor

International Migration and Economic Development (pdf)

J. Edward Taylor, Jared Hardner and Micki Stewart

Ecotourism and Economic Growth in the Galapagos: An Island Economy-wide Analysis (pdf)

J. Edward Taylor, Jorge Mora, Richard Adams and Alejandro Lopez-Feldman

Remittances, Inequality and Poverty: Evidence from Rural Mexico (pdf)

George A. Dyer, Steve Boucher and J. Edward Taylor

Subsistence Response to Market Shocks (pdf)

Steve Boucher, Oded Stark and J. Edward Taylor

A Gain with a Drain? Evidence from Rural Mexico on the New Economics of the Brain Drain (pdf)

Steve Boucher, Aaron Smith, J. Edward Taylor and Antonio Yúnez-Naude

Impacts of Policy Reforms on the Supply of Mexican Labor to U.S. Farms: New Evidence from Mexico (pdf)

Susan M. Richter and J. Edward Taylor

Policy Reforms and the Gender Dynamics of Rural Mexico-to-U.S. Migration (pdf)

Richard Green, Philip Martin, J. Edward Taylor

Unemployment and Welfare Reform in Rural California (pdf)

George A. Dyer, J.E. Taylor, A. Yunez

Who pays the cost of in situ conservation? (pdf)

J. Edward Taylor, Katherine M. Donato, Shawn Malia Kanaiaupuni

Do Government Programs "Crowd In" Remittances? (pdf)

Lindsay Lowell, J. Edward Taylor

Information Technology and Foreign-Born Workers in Contingent Jobs (pdf)

Philip L. Martin, J. Edward Taylor

Farm Employment, Immigration, and Poverty: A Vicious Circle? (pdf)

J. Edward Taylor

Microeconomics of Globalization: Evidence from Mexico, China, El Salvador, and the Galapagos Islands (pdf)

J. Edward Taylor, Philip L. Martin

Human Capital: Migration and Rural Population Change (pdf)

Alan de Brauw, J. Edward Taylor, Scott Rozelle

Migration and Incomes in Source Communities: A New Economics of Migration Perspective from China (pdf)

Chantal Line Carpentier, Julie Witcover, Stephen A. Vosti

Technical Note 1.1 - Smallholder Deforestation and Land Use: A Baseline (pdf)

Chantal Line Carpentier, Julie Witcover, Stephen A. Vosti

Technical Note 2.1 - Small-Scale Managed Forestry (pdf)

Chantal Line Carpentier, Tamara Gomes, Julie Witcover, Stephen A. Vosti

Technical Note 3.1 - Impacts of Soil Quality Differences on Deforestation, Use of Cleared Land, and Farm Income (pdf)

Antonio Yunez-Naude

Las remesas y el desarrollo rural (pdf)

Antonio Yunez-Naude

How changes in Mexican agriculture affect Mexico-US migration? (pdf)

Antonio Yunez-Naude

Mexico's Basic-Crops Subsector: Structure and Competition Under Free Trade (pdf)

Antonio Yunez-Naude

The Dismantling of CONASUPO, a Mexican State Trader in Agriculture (pdf)

J. Edward Taylor, Antonio Yunez-Naude, George A. Dyer and Sergio Ardila

The Economics of “Eco-Tourism:” A Galapagos Island Economy-wide Perspective (pdf)

J. Edward Taylor, Irma Adelman

Agricultural Household Models: Genesis, Evolution, and Extensions (pdf)

M. Eric Van Dusen, J. Edward Taylor

Missing Markets and Crop Diversity: Evidence from Mexico (pdf)

George Dyer-Leal, Antonio Yúnez-Naude

NAFTA and Conservation of Maize Diversity in Mexico (pdf)

George A. Dyer, J. Edward Taylor

Rethinking the Supply Response to Market Reforms in Agriculture: Household Heterogeneity in Village General Equilibrium Analysis from Mexico (pdf)

J. Edward Taylor, Antonio Yúnez-Naude

Estudio Economico de las Islas Galapagos

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